Running is one of the most accessible and beneficial physical activities that individuals of all ages can engage in. Over the years, our community has embraced this sport, organizing six successful half marathon events that have not only brought people together but also highlighted the myriad health benefits of running. As we look forward to our upcoming 7th half marathon event, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating fitness, health, and community spirit.

This is 7th Amravati Half Marathon Event. All the previous events were a great success. More and more runners and specially children started participating. Ladies who have started running/walking recently, all of them may not be able to participate in Half Marathon and 10 km also. In order to encourage women and men, we have decided to create new category, “5KM Fitness Run”.



Mr. Dilip Patil is Race Director for this event. He is keen Marathon Runners and started running from 2003. He ran more than 80 Marathons in India and abroad. International Marathons includes Mumbai, Munich, Prague (Czech Republic), Jungfrau (Switzerland), Dubai, Du-Medoc (France), Amsterdam, New York, Chicago, Leh Ladakh, Pondicherry etc.

He also successfully completed 8 COMRADES MARATHON (Distance 90 KM). This is one of the toughest Ultra Marathon in the world. The Marathon is also called as Ultimate Human Race. He is also an organizer for First Amravati Duathlon and Amravati Stadium Relay Competition.

Team behind the


Mr. Wath

Mr. Atul Patil

Mr. Mamesh Mathankar

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